Recorded on 26 Aug 2018: Topics include Senator John McCain, When to Trust Peer Reviewed Journals, and The N-Word

Senator John McCain

When to Trust Peer Reviewed Journals

The N-Word

Recorded on 08 Jul 2018: Topics include Critical Thinking: Reasoning, The #MeToo Movement, and Distinquishing Facts from Opinions

Critical Thinking: Reasoning

The #MeToo Movement

Distinquishing Facts from Opinions

Recorded on 03 Jun 2018: Topics include Movie Review: “Prayer Never Fails” and Cultural Appropriation

Movie Review: “Prayer Never Fails”

Prayer Never Fails
Company: Sweet Unknown Studios
Writer:  Wes Miller 
Director:  Wes Miller 
Producer:  Scott Seegmiller ,  Leonard Ohaebosim ,  Wes Miller 
Genre: Drama
Runtime: 100 min
Industry Rating: Not Rated
Starring:  Nick Lashaway ,  Clifton Davis ,  Corbin Bernsen ,  Lorenzo Lamas ,  Eric Roberts ,  Lynn Whitfield ,  Cathy Lee Crosby ,  Rene Perez ,  Chandler Lane ,  Alston Kelley ,  Jessica Webb ,  Justin Webb ,  Ted Ensminger ,  Desmond Roberson ,  Vanessa Cure ,  Joseph Belk ,  Leshun West ,  Martin Gudz 
Theatrical Release: 12 Feb 2016
DVD Release: 01 Apr 2016

Cultural Appropriation

Recorded on 29 Apr 2018: Topics include Apu Nahasapeemapetilon — The Controversey; Government vs God? People Are Less Religious When Government is Bigger, Research Says; and 911 No Call List And Religious Freedom

Apu Nahasapeemapetilon — The Controversey

Government vs. God? People are less religious when government is bigger, research says

911 No Call List And Religious Freedom

Recorded on 25 Mar 2018: Topics include Domestic Terrorism and Critical Thinking: Evidence — Evaluating Sources

Domestic Terrorism

Critical Thinking: Evidence — Evaluating Sources

Recorded on 25 Feb 2018: Topics include Trusted Sources:, Essential Oils, and BRRPS Episode 3: Circumcision.

Trusted Resources:

Essential Oils

BRRPS E03: Circumcision

(Beliefs, Rites, Rituals, Practices, and Superstitions)

Recorded on 04 Feb 2018: Topics include Critical Thinking: The Unsolvable Exam Question, BRRPS Episode 2: The Flat Earth Theory, and The Appeal of Conspiracy Theories.

Banter: Secular Morality v. Veganism
Brian and Scot reprise their discussion on Secular Morality v. Veganism, inspired by The Athiest Experience E22.03 (21 Jan 2018) caller Richard (1:13:50)

Critical Thinking: Definition
Critical thinking is the process of analyzing and evaluating truth claims that is grounded in logically valid arguments, sound reasoning, appropriate standards of evidence, and a pragmatic understanding of cognitive errors and biases; and the ability to apply these to the systematic analysis of problems in order to obtain credible solutions.

  • Reasoning & Arguments
    Recognizing and evaluating arguments, which are composed of a set of premises and conclusions; Deductive vs Inductive reasoning, prepositional logic, valid arguments, sound arguments, formal and informal fallacies, hidden or unstated premises, etc.
  • Evidence
    Evidence is that which justifies belief or what is reasonable for one to believe. The nature of evidence, evidence criteria, evaluating sources and context, relevance to the argument, degree of support for the argument, etc.
  • Cognitive Biases & Errors
    Cognitive biases are tendencies to think in certain ways that can lead to systematic deviations from a standard of rationality or good judgment. Examples include decision-making, belief, and behavioral biases such as Backfire Effect, Confirmation Bias, Dunning-Kreuger Effect, Pareidolia, Stereotyping, etc; social biases such as Authority Biase, In-Group Bias, Just-World Hypothesis; memory errors and biases such as False Memory, Hind-Sight Bias, Suggestibility, etc.; and psychological effects such as the Placebo Effect, McGurk Effect, inattentional blindness, etc
  • Problem Solving
    The ability to apply reasoning & arguments, the appropriate evaluation of facts and evidence, and the pragmatic understanding of cognitive errors & biases to the systematic analysis of problems in order to obtain credible solutions

Critical Thinking: The Unsolvable Exam Question
‘Unsolvable’ exam question leaves Chinese students flummoxed, BBC, 30 Jan 2018

BRRPS0002: The Flat Earth Theory

The Appeal of Conspiracy Theories
The Enduring Appeal of Conspriacy Theories, BBC, Mellissa Hogenboom, 24 Jan 2018

Recorded 15 Oct 2017: Topics include CSICON2017 in Las Vegas, a discussion of the fake news stories surrounding the 01 Oct 2017 Las Vegas shooting, the Annenberg Constitution Day Civics Survey, and BRRPS Episode 1: The Eucharist.