2018 End of Year Episode

Recorded on 30 Dec 2018: Topics include Revisit of Episode 10 — The Gender Spectrum and Skepticism-Lite News Items

Segment 1: Revisit Episode10 — The Gender Spectrum

Segment 2: Skepticism-Lite News Items


1 thought on “Episode 011

  1. Sean Washington says:

    I appreciate you guys taking the time to air the concerns about the last episode. I do want to note a crucial fact; it’s been over a year since bill C-16 has passed in Canadian law and there have been 0 cases of people being brought up on charges for gender identification charges in Canada. When we take actually reality into account, the fears of a slippery slope always fails because the reality is that people who are for societal improvement aren’t looking to jail people and in fact it’s the opposite, that without C-16 people are willing to discriminate unjustly people they think are “different” from their own.

    With that said, I agree that they should come up with more clear definitions of what discrimination is but they probably didn’t because they have a committee that proceeds with the complaints and wants to leave it up to human judgment instead of hard set rules.

    And While you guys might not be willing to say what Jordan Peterson meant to say, I am more than willing to declare that Jordan Peterson’s vocalization over Bill C-16 and his overall discussion over the issue is to disenfranchise trans-gender rights and to delegitimize gender expression. His claims of Bill C-16 was about fear-mongering for ideologically right individuals and to self serve his own religious beliefs (Peterson is a hardcore Christian, look it up.)

    I also disagree with the framing you guys are taking on societal consequences for what people say on social media. In the clearest situations for example; an obvious racist who goes onto Facebook and does an N-word ridden rant I think it’s undoubtedly a good thing that guys gets fired from his job.

    Some issues are hazier like the Google Employee, but it’s clear by what I’ve read that he was justly fired because he broke some of the agreements he signed with Google. And given that Google is trying to, at least on the surface, seem like a more progressive company, he wouldn’t have worked out in the culture of the company anyways.

    I think it’s a good thing when people are fired for having harmful and potentially dangerous beliefs and ideas. It shows that our society cares about the well being of our fellow humans and our wish to cooperate with people who are different.

    Again, these concerns that social justice will run rampant just don’t stand up to the results we find in the real world. Men are not being fired left and right due to a higher social awareness and there aren’t a plethora of fake stories about men being unjustly identified as sexist assholes or racist bigots. The only time we hear about it is when someone famous is being accused and that’s a problem with our culture’s obsession with fame not with societal awareness, OR when someone makes it a big deal like conservative news outlets on the Google Employee James Demore.

    It’s like voter fraud. It’s not a real problem, just a theorized problem that doesn’t ever hold water in the real world because very few people want to put in the incredible amount of effort of fabricating a fake story about something.

    I get it. It’s fun to philosophize about the dangers of SJW’s, but in doing so I think you guys ignore the actual truths out there in the real world. These theories and fears are just red herrings to the real problems.

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